Why Trenchless Technology!

The city is built on streets, roads, railways, existing communication, buildings and structures without closing and damaging the foundations.

Why Trenchless Technology? ?
"City managers attention!"

“Why is trenchless technology preferable? Isız The President of the German Trenchless Technology Association (GSTT). Dr. Jens Hoelterhoff's research for Berlin would be appropriate. What was this research? Hoelterhoff details his work and its results as follows: dayan The history of the technology without any problems dates back to 26 years and Berlin is the city where these technologies are born and applied most. In-tube robotic photographing, inspection, priming and regional repair activities have been transformed into more technological, expertise-oriented propagation and line pavement today. The construction of trenchless technology in Berlin, which has a population of 3.4 million people, has resulted in a construction savings of € 67 million with the implementation of trenchless technology (780 km of new wastewater line and house connections). This money was transferred to other water construction projects by the Berlin Water Administration (BWB).

Başkent Horizontal Directional Drilling


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In 2003 "to provide its customers with world class solutions using the latest drilling technology to the principle of" the road to the capital horizontal drilling, it said the 12-year period of the world and Turkey has managed to become one of the largest horizontal drilling contractors. Our Mission Our mission is to provide the best service to our customers by improving the quality of all services given in the horizontal drilling sector. To meet our customers' expectations at the highest standards with our trained personnel in the field of horizontal drilling. To contribute to the national economy with our experience and expertise in the sector. To educate Yata Drilling members who are trusting, respecting their profession, open to continuous education and technological developments. To follow the innovations of the sector closely and to serve our customers. To become a different, innovative and reliable brand. Always win the positive reference of all our customers in all circumstances.


With the machinery and equipment provided by Forward Company, we are realizing projects all over the country. Quality and customer satisfaction is our priority.